Our Story

Uniform Design


Born out of a love for good design and desire to change things. 

It started with an idea to swap the daily city grind as a commercial fashion designer in London, for the wild remote Cornish coast. Working out of my parents cold garage I started to develop my brand EKO.

Lots has changed since then. I have a house, a young family and a crazy working cocker spaniel called Buster. The work life balance seems to be a constant challenge but one thing stays the same, the passion to create simple, sustainable and beautiful things!



There is always a better way.

I have realised on this journey that functional design does not have to be boring. Simple good design can be a great way to change things, especially in the corporate world of work. We spend lots of time in uniform so why not make it awesome!



I work from my home studio in St.Just, West Cornwall.

I run the business using that precious nursery time and evenings when the dog has been walked, the kids have gone to bed and the house becomes quiet. I’m a proud mum trying to run a small business while balancing the ebb and flow of everyday life. 


There is no big team or fancy studio with a sea view, just an evolving business with soul.